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The Fionavar Tapestry:

In the Colours of All Countries by [ profile] eudaimon: After the war comes the healing and, after the long Winter comes the Spring.

Starsong by Marien

No Man of Fionavar by minnow: "The gods might guess, and some of the andain, but the goddesses would know."

Final Things by [ profile] sathinks: The last night before the last day. Kim/Aileron. (Rated R)

Personal Mythology by [ profile] bookelfe: Paul and Jaelle choose a name for their child. (Rated G)

a solitary blue by [personal profile] glass_icarus

Rain by [ profile] atheilen: When the rain comes, Paul remembers. (Rated G)

Flowerfire: Winter's End by [personal profile] glass_icarus

Three Nights and Forever by [ profile] silveraspen

Saturday, Now by [ profile] ge2: "Exactly the way I feel." It rumbles through him, deep voice shaking her bones with precisely the words she needs, and only then does she realize she's spoken her thoughts out loud. But it's Dave who heard them, so it's all right. (Rated PG-13)

Landmarks by [ profile] lenija

A Heaven of Blackbirds by [ profile] tree: Jaelle's story. (Rated PG-13)

Children of the Moon by [ profile] irmelin: They end up together, of course. How could they not? (Rated PG)

And Back Again by [ profile] karrenia_rune: Dave and Kim, after the return, a day in the life story. (Rated G)

love, do you remember my name by [personal profile] glass_icarus

The Longest Road by [personal profile] glass_icarus


Bonded to Life by [ profile] cleflink: A look at Valentin in the darkness between surviving Deisa and being warped into Rhun the Fool.

A Path in a Garden by [ profile] glishara

Fires by [ profile] cleflink: After the final battle, Baerd contemplates the losses he's suffered and the friend he has to say goodbye to again. Genfic.

Blue Moon Rising by [ profile] tryfanstone: Memory. Freedom. Choice. Loss. A man seen in a window, at night. (Baerd/Alessan) (Rated PG-13)

Ice by Anoni: A oneshot based on 'Tigana' by Guy Gavriel Kay. Catriana POV.

fairytales by [personal profile] glass_icarus

A Song for Arbonne:

Like a Crow in a Grainfield by [ profile] misura: In the year that Alain of Rousset received an invitation to Carenzu, Urté de Miraval killed two singers. (Rated PG-13)

Paternal Sentiments by Minerva_Solo: Ariane is pregnant, and Thierry is a little aggrieved that the entire court is debating the father of his wife's child.

The Lions of Al-Rassan:

Somewhere in Time by [ profile] alighiera: Only fools fought side by side with someone whose abilities they did not know.

The Name of the Stars and Moons by [ profile] keilexandra: After losing and surviving twice, Zabira of Cartada vowed never again to love.

Blue Wine for Silvenes by [ profile] keilexandra: Ammar ibn Khairan muses on friendship after the fall of Al-Rassan. Drabble.

Between the Moons by [ profile] haku_kaen: The night after the ambush at Emin ha'Nazar, Jehane, Ammar, and Rodrigo have a private moment together. (Rated PG)

Lion, Hound, Eagle, Owl by [ profile] bwinter: Three men had been loved by Ammar ibn Khairan (Rated PG-13)

The Geometry of Battle by [ profile] alighiera: "A winter campaign will be an excellent trial for all of us." (Rated PG-13)

The Wolf Queen by [ profile] ishafel: The sun still rises, though the lions have gone. (Rated PG-13)

Among a Hundred Brothers by [ profile] karrenia_rune

The Way of the Sun by [ profile] alighiera: Two women, waiting. (Rated G)

The End of Al-Rassan by [ profile] attempt_unique: An alternate ending for "The Lions of Al-Rassan." Beginning excerpt taken directly from the text. Gen with references to canon relationships. (Rated G)

The Complication of Memory by [ profile] karrenia_rune

A Sema for Friendship by Amara (NC-17)

Before it fades by Anoni: A drabble based on 'The Lions of Al-Rassan' by Guy Gavriel Kay.

Lost Conversations by LadyRhiyana: Lost conversations, missing scenes, and might have beens.

A Letter Home by Alice_Montrose

Emin ha'Nazar by lara_surreality: Just how did they come up with the idea for the valley? Pairing: Rodrigo & Ammar

unsaid by [personal profile] avendya: Miranda doesn't need to tell Rodrigo that she misses him.


blood-red sun by [personal profile] glass_icarus: Ysabel, waiting for her lovers to find her.

Photographs by [personal profile] avendya: Photographs can change lives.

a Coke at 5:00 by [personal profile] glass_icarus: Ned and Kate, a few years down the line.

Kairos by [personal profile] glass_icarus

If you know of GGK fanfiction that isn't on this masterlist, please comment here and I'll add it.



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