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Welcome to Dreamweft. This is a fanfiction community for the works of Guy Gavriel Kay. All stories pertaining to the following books/series are welcome!

Kay's works to date include:
- The Fionavar Tapestry
- The Lions of Al-Rassan
- A Song for Arbonne
- Tigana
- The Sarantine Mosaic
- The Last Light of the Sun
- Ysabel

1. The format for posting is as follows:

Subject header: [ Book/Series ] Title

In the post itself:
Notes (if any):

Ratings may range from G to NC-17 but please ensure that your stories are labeled correctly so that we can tag them properly. The stories can be posted directly to the community under an LJ-cut or linked to the author's personal fic journal. Fan art contributions are also welcomed.

2. All pairings and genres are welcomed here. This means that we are a slash- and femslash-friendly community. Please take note of the information supplied in the headers before reading!

3. Please ensure that your stories are checked for spelling and grammatical errors. Because this is a small fandom, betas may be hard to find; however, there will be an admin post for those who would like to volunteer.

This is a community created by adults for fellow adults/older teenagers. Some of the stories featured here may include sexual situations, violence or other themes that are NOT suitable for children. All works featured here will include ratings. If you are a minor in your country of residence, please take heed of the rating system and DO NOT read material marked as explicit!

Note: The sidebar link to GGK's official website is purely for the members' interest. This community is in no way affiliated with Bright Weavings.

Layout credit goes to [community profile] inconformista.

Interests (80):

a song for arbonne, aelis, aileron, al-rassan, alain of rousset, alberico of barbadior, alessan, alixana, alun ab owyn, ammar ibn khairan, antae, ariane de carenzu, artibasos, ashar, baerd, bertran de talair, brandin of ygrath, cadell, caius crispus, cartada, catriana, ceinion, cingalus, crispin, cyngael, dai ab owyn, dave martyniuk, davor of the axe, devin, dianora, diarmuid, erling, esperana, fionavar tapestry, gisel, google-is-my-midnight-lover, guy gavriel kay, heladikos, historical fantasy, irate mosaicists, is this marie-chantal?, jad, jaddites, jaelle, jehane bet ishak, jennifer lowell, kate, kevin laine, kimberly ford, kindath, last_light_of_the_sun, leontes, liadon, lions of al-rassan, lisseut, loren silvercloak, matt soren, melanie, ned marriner, paul schafer, phelan, pwyll twiceborn, rhiannon, rhodias, ringtone warriors, rodrigo belmonte, rovigo, sarantine mosaic, sarantium, sharra, shirin, this-isn't-the-queen-of-sheba, tigana, tomasso, urte de miraval, valentin, valerius, ysabel, ysanne, zubir
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